A Complete Guide on Healthcare Mobile App Development

A useful guide on healthcare mobile app development for businesses to flourish even amidst the pandemic. The article lists various features, benefits and types of healthcare mobile apps that are currently looking after a high market share in the coming months.

The on-demand app development market is flourishing amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and,Guest Posting why not? People wish to get their hands on everything from the comfort of their homes and the technology as we know it is proving all that is possible. To think of it, the substantial on-demand application market now focuses on healthcare mobile app development more than any other app. Why is that? Let’s unfold the truth for now.

Healthcare mobile apps are dominating the market. People are rather keen on taking care of their fitness and health more than ever. Building immunity now seems to be the foremost thing on their wishlist that’s something imperative to deal with the repercussions of already evolving viruses.

Here are some of the statistics one must know about the healthcare mobile app development market:

The online fitness market is expected to witness a turnover of US $1798 Million by 2024
77% Online Mobile Users are Looking to Book Medical Practices Online
47% of Mobile Users Research Doctors Online
Healthcare Mobile App Development for Health Organizations and Private Practices can Deduce Savings Worth $200 Million
4 Billion Users Now Focus on Digital Healthcare in 2020
Since the pandemic has ultimately added the fuel to the burning fire, confining the citizens across the world on a house arrest only to be let out for essentials thus the opportunity to rise in the online health and fitness market now stands tall.

Contrary to the downfall of the economy in the health sector due to the infinite closing of gyms, spas and other fitness centres, the technological advancement has come to the rescue. Many organizations, gyms, private fitness firms and more are now catering towards offering virtual fitness and health services to their customer base, thereby, serving dual purposes at once. They are trying to keep their business up and running while the home confinement no longer condemns the people to stop working out altogether.

Types of Healthcare Mobile Apps Available in the Market:

Appointment Booking Application
It is one of the most sought after applications for the online era hooked to their mobiles for everything that matters. An appointment booking application is designed in a way that offers a customizable experience to its users. The application features a doctor directory with multiple filters to choose the appropriate one based on his reviews, experience in the field, area of expertise and much more. Apart from this, the application also allows the patients to make an appointment with the doctor within no time as well as a secure payment gateway for accommodating the required fees.

General Health and Fitness Application
It is one of the most demandable healthcare apps that is cherished by many. It is a type of application that is created for the users of every age, allowing them to take good care of their health and fitness regimes. Since people are now keen on adapting to their fitness routine rather than rely on the gyms or other trainers, a healthcare application that allows them to track their health, offer a virtual guide, personalize the nutrition and more is a lucrative market to dive in.

Chronic Healthcare Application
A healthcare app that is specifically designed for patients with chronic conditions is one of the gigantic life supports that is offered by the technology. The chronic healthcare app works with a suitable internet connection, offering the patients an escape from the hospitals and a boring life. The patients can take good care of their routines, medication, personal nutrition, training and everything at their home with the application assisting as a friend at the time of the need. The patients can monitor their health every minute thus preventing any health mishap while catering to their mental health as well with the in-built assisted programs.

Medication Tracker Application
Since the time doesn’t wait for anyone, in particular, the medication tracker application has come to the rescue. The application has seen a lucrative market by liberating people from the tedious task of remembering when to take the medication, fill up their prescriptions, set up the new appointment, buy the medications and everything that requires their health to stay in a proper condition. The application makes sure to offer a personalised experience to every user and allow them to customize their schedule as per their lifestyle.

Female Health Application
Since technological advancement has foreseen to take good care of the future leaders of the world, the women healthcare market is flourishing to its core. Healthcare mobile app development market is now flooded with multiple applications making women understand their health better. The applications allow women to track their menstruation cycles, ovulation cycles, pregnancies while offering effective tips and tricks across the way. The application further offers a detailed guide on what to expect, how to deal with the health issues, cater to their regimes and more.

Doctor Consultation App
Doctor consultation application is a type of app that has been specifically designed for the patients and the doctor to arrange a virtual meeting without being confined to clinics or hospitals. It is one of the most lucrative ways of conducting professional business while maintaining a dignified patient-doctor relationship. The application allows the patients to search for the listed doctor online and book an online consultation through a secure payment gateway. The patients can further maintain their profile with their health data and records while the doctors are allowed to update the prescriptions and remarks for easy interaction.

Extensive Benefits Associated With Healthcare Mobile App Development

Improved Patient Care
Mobile apps for built-in interfaces for emergency care can alert the doctors of the incoming emergency thereby sending all the prior information on hand before the patient reaches the hospital. Apart from this, the doctor can easily advise the first aid to deal with the severity of the situation.

Improved Coordination
The healthcare apps specifically designed for mobile devices leads to improved patient-doctor coordination. It makes way for easy communication with the two parties, easy transactions, prescription uploading and other data.

Multiple Features on a Single App
Since the internet has made things smarter for business owners to offer their customers multiple features in a single app, the healthcare app development can also profit from this. The application allows the business to include multiple features in a single app. For instance, a general health app can offer multiple stress busters or yoga sessions to the clients with severe anxiety or several other fitness videos for working at home, gaining muscles, getting lean, fat loss and more.

Revenue Increase
The demand for healthcare apps has increased tenfold ever since the pandemic had pushed to keep people in a self-induced quarantine at their home to stay safe. Most people are not allowed or even afraid to visit the gyms or other places with no social distancing, thus, offering them online health consultations, fitness video sessions, live videos, health workouts and more can prove beneficial in increasing sales for the health experts.

Lesser Operational Costs
Since the majority of the customers have now shifted base to virtual workouts and training, proving them the same with minimum equipment has made it possible for the trainers and health experts to cut the operational costs of working from the offices, clinics, gyms or training centres.

End to End Feature Toolkit for Healthcare Mobile App Development

Here are some of the necessary features for healthcare apps specifically made for patients, doctors or healthcare and fitness experts.

Easy Registration
The application must allow the users to easily register over the network with their email ids or social media profiles. The profile creation and navigating throughout the features must be some of the easiest steps for clients. Lesser the number of steps for a signup process, more is the number of downloads and more is the traffic.

Profile Customization
The next step after the user has signed up with the application or a program must be allowing them to customize and modify their profile with the necessary information, contact details, profile pictures, goals and more. Apart from this, the doctor

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8 Healthcare Mobile App Trends For 2021

The healthcare mobile app trends indicate the need for innovation in healthcare, a new way to cope with the changing demand and reality. Thanks to the advent of the latest technologies that help health tech companies meet those demands

It requires significant levels of effort to develop a healthcare mobile app that people will download,Guest Posting install, and recommend. The app stores are full of apps that don’t bring any value to the users. As a result, those apps don’t get the fame they were intended to. To stay ahead of the competitor’s apps, healthcare mobile app developers should track what the users expect from a healthcare app. One of the most effective ways to do this is to be aware of healthcare mobile app trends for 2021.

With the consistent evolution of modern-day digital technologies, mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Hence, it isn’t surprising that mobile apps are also used in the healthcare sector. The main drivers of mobile app adoption in healthcare are the rise in lifestyle disease rates, growing awareness of mobile medicine, and rapid advances in mobile technologies.

The healthcare mobile app trends indicate the need for innovation in healthcare, a new way to cope with the changing demand and reality. Thanks to the advent of the latest technologies that help healthtech companies meet those demands. In recent years, technologies have made it possible for healthcare service providers to treat patients better using AR/VR tools, wearables, telehealth, and many such health tech solutions.

Let’s go through the most popular technology healthcare mobile app trends:

1. Telemedicine
Although the telemedicine technology trend in healthcare isn’t considered an innovative breakthrough anymore, it is the leading mobile health trend. Telemedicine solutions are experiencing their peak in the adoption rate, and the Covid-19 influence will indeed allow this trend to last long.

There are other exciting factors behind this trend, including the abundance of areas with poor access to healthcare facilities and the cases of adverse state of healthcare infrastructure even in some of the developed countries. For instance, 35% of Canadian patients wait for over a month just to see a doctor. The United States faces a shortage of 1 million nurses. Telemedicine solutions are effective in overcoming all such challenges by bridging the gap, accelerating the process, and making healthcare services more accessible and affordable.

The healthcare service providers have already started adopting telehealth solutions to streamline their healthcare operations. Even the customers are supporting the transformation of medical services. A recent report by the Health Industry Distributors Association states that 54% of the patients prefer consulting their doctors over in-app chat or video calls. Other statistics indicate that nearly 71% of patients want their doctors to use telehealth apps.

Telemedicine apps enable patients to seek help for their chronic disease treatment with greater comfort. They don’t have to physically visit the doctor for regular checkups, which ultimately reduces patient monitoring costs and enhances patient satisfaction.

2. AI and chatbots
With each passing year, AI & ML technologies are becoming less associated with science-fiction and more with “realistic” and serious healthcare and finance aspects. The Healthcare industry is perhaps among the best possible places to implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

AI technologies provide the ability to process a large amount of data and draw insights based on it. Similar to any other trending technology in healthcare, AI is making its way into the healthcare processes. To name a few, AI is implemented to personalize treatments, analyze medical images, accelerate medical research, create drugs, and facilitate medical imaging.

Moreover, AI can streamline medical facilities’ workflow. For instance, using AI-powered RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools, medical facilities can automate their daily paperwork and scheduling, something that is monotonous and prone to mistakes. AI can also be used to predict healthcare demand and make arrangements accordingly.

Being a disruptive technology, AI continues to draw significant attention from investors. With this continuous growth ofAI in healthcare, it is clear that the patients will continue to prefer the latest AI-powered healthcare apps to seek healthcare services as well as monitor their health. The AI market in healthcare is estimated to grow to $36.1 billion in 2025, with a tremendous CAGR of 50%.

The most widespread and popular AI implementation

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